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The Texas Housing Market is Red Hot, So Don’t Burn Yourself

By: Justin Karcher

These are uncertain times. Many Americans don’t know if they’re coming or going. Between money woes and constantly fluctuating markets, it’s easy to feel stuck nowadays. Thankfully, Texas seems to be the lone bright spot in the country. It’s not called the Lone Star State for nothing! You can still follow your heart and accomplish your dreams in Texas, as evidenced by its booming real estate market. Whereas the nation’s real estate market is almost at a standstill, Texas is as strong and hot as ever, especially North Texas Real Estate.

Hot Dallas real estate market

In the article, “Real estate expert says Texas market is “on fire,” but sees national slowing of home price appreciation,” Sheryl Jean of writes, “I reported that a recent dip in monthly home prices in 13 large cities, including Dallas, indicates slowing appreciation as interest rates rise, construction ramps up and fewer lower-priced foreclosed properties are for sale.”

In Texas, the amount of available houses is simply not meeting the demand. Due to a very strong job market, cities all over the state are currently flooded with wide-eyed jobseekers. Propped up by oil and gas, Texas is certainly hitting its stride and it shows with the high costs of properties up for sale. Although all signs indicate continued Texan growth, analysts do advise caution and predict that housing prices will eventually cool down. The national slowing may sweep into Texas.

Regardless of what will happen to the housing market in Texas, one thing is clear: wide-eyed jobseekers will continue flocking to the state, hoping to meet their dreams face to face. Dream hunters are often house hunters and at Crown Exteriors, we help make that dream a reality. With over 30 years’ experience, we know a thing or two about building or improving that dream home of yours. including gutters, painting, siding and windows.


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