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Hot Holiday Season in the North Texas Real Estate Market

By: Justin Karcher

Even though we are in the midst of the holiday season, usually a slow time for the real estate market, the Texas real estate is still heating up, as if the market has been placed in an economic microwave. Things, it seems, are just starting to heat up, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be ending anytime soon. North Texas is one of the strongest real estate markets in the entire country, causing other regions to burst green with envy. One of the reasons for this is Dallas condo sales.

In the article, “Dallas condo sales lead a surging Texas real estate market,” Jonathan Rienstra of writes, “The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M published a new study that found that Texas condo sales are up 26 percent in 2013. Dallas is tops with 38 percent growth, followed by Houston at 25 percent, Austin at 24 percent and San Antonio at 18 percent.”

That is some serious growth. Considering the national economy as a whole, that is some steroids-like growth! In Dallas and North Texas, the demand for housing of any kind is incredibly high. Single-family homes, for instance, are like Holy Grails now – high in price and a rarity, hence the rise in popularity of condos. Jobs are numerous and the population continues to grow; what are these people supposed to do? Where are they supposed to live? Single-family homes are being scooped up. Now, so are condos.

At Crown Exteriors, we couldn’t be happier about the North Texas real estate market. It makes for an exciting holiday season. All signs point to a very strong, even hotter 2014. Regardless of what kind of property you’re looking for, Crown Exteriors is here to help you outfit it.