Bidding Wars for Houses in Dallas-Fort Worth

By: Justin Karcher

North Texas Real Estate

When North Texas is on the rise, America is too!

All across America, homebuilding is on the rise, and many builders are exclaiming, “Housing is back!” The Dallas-Fort Worth area is no exception. Although the global economy is still relatively shaky, it’s not stopping anyone. Perhaps Americans are sick of waiting on their dreams.  That seems to be the case in North Texas.

July saw houses fly off the market.  It’s as if each house is being sold the moment the sales sign is brought out. For most realtors, it only takes 49 days to sell a house. While it isn’t overnight, that is still a very short time in realtor time.

The Dallas Morning News reports, “Real estate agents sold 9,397 pre-owned single-family homes in July in North Texas, according to a new report by the Real Estate Center and North Texas Real Estate Information Systems. That’s the largest one-month total for home sales ever recorded in north Texas.”

Because of rising mortgage costs and interest rates, people are taking that home buying plunge. There are buyers everywhere, with little sellers. There are constant bidding wars. In 2013 alone, 53,000 houses were sold in North Texas. Suffice to say, it’s a good time to be a seller.

You may be wondering, What about people wanting to build their homes? Those numbers are up as well, as North Texans embrace their customizable dreams. With competition heated over existing houses and a low housing supply, many are deciding to build their homes. It is the perfect alternative.

It’s a great time to call North Texas home!

Whether you’re buying, selling or building a house, Crown Exteriors is ready to take on your next home-improvement project! Whenever the housing market is hot, it puts on a crown!


*Image courtesy of ruskpp