The Texas Housing Boom

By: Justin Karcher

The word ‘boom’ is thrown around a lot when it comes to real estate and other industries. In some cases, the word fits, in other cases not so much. But when it comes to real estate in Texas, the word not only fits, it may not even do the situation justice, especially if we look at numbers compiled by Redfin, the technology-powered real estate brokerage. Texas is becoming the new California, the place where Americans go to realize their dreams.


In the press release, “Massive Influx of New Residents Change Real Estate Landscape in Texas,” Redfin reports, “Approximately 2.5 million Americans relocated to Texas between 2008 and 2012, in search of high-paying energy and professional services jobs and a low cost of living. This sharp influx of new residents, many from states with higher median home prices, has impacted the local real estate markets in these three Texas cities [Austin, Dallas and Houston] in unexpected ways.”  In other words, the entire landscape of Texas, from top to bottom, is changing at a rapid rate.

Home sizes, for instance, are shrinking. This may be in large part due to the population increase, meaning that with such a large influx of people gigantic homes are no longer the norm or even an option. That isn’t to say this is a bad thing, just that more innovation is needed to provide homes for everyone. At Crown Exteriors, we understand that innovation is key, which is why our wide range of services include vinyl siding and fiber cement siding installation, replacement windows and doors, exterior painting services and gutter installation, so you can get your home in topnotch shape.

In addition to the size of homes, many homeowners have embraced specialty home features. According to the press release, “Granite countertops, swimming pools and solar panels have become increasingly common in Texas homes. This makes sense that families are looking more toward the sun for their energy needs. Texas is growing more sustainable by the day. Regardless of what home features you’re looking for, Crown Exteriors is here to help.