Built Stronger to Last Longer

Stronger Hangers

Our UltraLast™ Gutter hangers are over two times stronger than our competitors. A 50 ft run of gutter full of water can weigh as much as 800 lbs. Over time, this weight will cause the screws to strip the wood, pulling the hangers from the wall and leading to sagging gutters which overflow.

Our hangers are two times larger with a screw that is 15% thicker than standard gutters. In addition to the larger size, our hangers are engineered to distribute the weight away from the wood to prevent wood from stripping.

Stronger Gutters
Finished Corner

No-Leak Corners

“Seamless Gutters” are by far the most common residential guttering system currently available, but the term “seamless” is actually a bit inaccurate because every corner is actually a seam. This fact makes the corners the most leak-prone point in the system. It’s because of this that we’ve put so much time and effort into creating a truly leak-free corner that, despite being a seam, will last throughout the life of the gutter system.

We construct our corners using a 4-step process:

1. Proper Spacing: Aluminum expands and contracts as the temperature changes, and therefore must be given room to move. However, given too much room, the gutter sealant will pull apart. Not enough room and the metal could expand too far, overlap and pierce the seal. We always take care to ensure that spacing is between 1/8” and 1/2” which is the optimal spacing for aluminum.

2. Reinforcement: Once proper spacing is achieved, it’s necessary to lock the pieces in place with a finishing piece to reinforce the hold. This is done so that the spacing we achieved in step 1, does not shift overtime.

3. Prep & Prime the Material: Once the corner is properly spaced and locked in place, we then prepare the aluminum by removing all oils and other impurities around the area to be sealed. Failure to properly prep the material is one of the most common causes for failed seals.

4. Double-Seal Application: Once the material is prepped and primed, we apply a double seal. The first application creates a base (which by itself would last for many years) then a second application is applied to form a shell around the original. Both seals are created using only the highest grade sealant currently available on the market.

Larger DownspoutsLarger Downspouts

Extra-Large Downspouts

3″x4″ downspouts drain water two times faster than the smaller 2″x3″ downspouts thereby cutting the time which the gutters and hanger system must bear the water weight in half. A 50 foot run of gutter can hold over 800 lbs of water when at full capacity. Getting this weight off the hanger system and off the wood that supports it is critical to the longevity of the system.

No Punch Holes

When a gutter drains on the roof, most gutter companies typically just cut a “punch hole” near the end of the gutter which allows the water to drain out splashing onto the roof. This uncontrolled dumping of water will pour down onto the shingle and splash back up onto the wood causing fascia and soffit to become damaged, and could potentially lead to roof leaks.

Punch HolePunch Hole

Drop Elbows

We believe a properly designed gutter system should move and drain water in a controlled manner rather than allowing it to fall unaided onto the roof. That’s why we attach a “drop elbow” instead of a punch hole which guides the water down to the shingle eliminating the uncontrolled dumping of water and the damages associated with it.

Drop ElbowDrop Elbow